Some people are just plain weird

Some new pages commented on my page, and it seemed they were all accusing each other of cyber-harassment, so I thought I should “like” all the pages and then post my petition on each page, completely unbiased.
Posting the petition seemed like such a good idea at the time. I had no idea how hateful and discriminatory some people could be. I now know who the Rotten Apples really are.
Some of the people posting on the page were trying to be nice, but the page administrator decided I was the enemy because I had “liked” their enemy. The admin labeled me a fraud, and all of the minions fell in line. They decided it was Guilt by association! I think every one familiar with this blog knows how I feel about such blatant discrimination… Slowly I turn… step by step… inch by inch… If you are going to stereotype me, bitch, at least get the stereotype right!!! I hate two-faced liars. I can provide an example if you are confused… Someone told me that you were all cat haters and cat killers; whether true or not and using your “guilt by association” discriminatory logic, you are the lowest form of life there is and do not deserve to live.
Guilt by association is known as the association fallacy which asserts that qualities of one thing are inherently qualities of another, merely by an irrelevant association. It is clear that sort of “reasoning” is fallacious. Yet others seem to find it acceptable, sadly…
If you look at this page, you will notice that almost every post is an attack on someone. They tried to spin their attack on me in the last sentence saying “They wished no ill will on anyone,” after saying all of this…
What a crock of shit from a group of self righteous assholes!!!
Did I say that?