How To Make Enemies On Social Media; 101

Welcome to the classroom! This course is designed to help you navigate around social media once you have gone past the personal profile pages and moved on to create your own interest page (mainly on Facebook).

Facebook is an ever-expanding network with millions of profiles and pages. New ones are added daily and the more exposure your page has and the more likes you get, the more others will notice. You start to attract others from all walks of life and if you started your page as a general community page without taking a strong stand on something, you will probably be okay, but, if you dare to take a stand on something, and it is even the slightest bit controversial, beware, you will attract both friends and enemies. In general, being a bit controversial is how to draw more interest to your page, but there is a fine line between being controversial and being a hater.

Enemies are what haters want. Without enemies and without controversy their pages become static and boring. Their pages were set up in order to retaliate for an attack on them, or to harass and attack others. When the harasser is exposed, if they would only go away, things could get back to normal, but who is the harasser? In a vicious cycle, one becomes the other and neither side is willing to accept their own culpability, even though both sides, the hater and the hated might have become equally culpable. If your page is having trouble getting “likes” because you are being nice, forget about that! Get dirty!!! Set others up! Stir the pot to piss people off, and then just sit back and ridicule them while you watch your audience grows.

How you ask? Well, you follow your main target around see what they are saying on other pages. Once they have made a comment on a certain page, you and hopefully one of your buddies, or an alternate profile, make comments disparaging your enemy and their comments and setting up the “bait” for the other page. In order for this to work, the page you target should be completely unaware of your conflict with your enemy. You must wait for innocent page to comment on your page because they mistakenly believe you might be a friend because you took the time to comment, and then you openly slam them, shit on them, try to make them feel worthless, and then post false claims about them while you can sit back and watch your audience grow. If it doesn’t grow… oh well, there will be many innocent pages for you to target! Never give up and let the hate flow!
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