Cyber-bullying petition!

I started a petition on Cares2 to demand that Facebook do more to stop the cyber-bullying on its site. Those who are unfamiliar with how Facebook really works are left open to cyber-crime, and even when we try to report the offense, all we get back from Facebook is that “This does not violate our community standards.” No human looks at this, Facebook uses computer algorithms to look for certain violations, and these cyber-bullies know all about how to skirt around those.

Please take the time to read and sign the petition!


My petition mentions that there is one particular bully who has harassed many of us, and prides herself and brags about her prowess on Google, and her ability to be able to dig up information anywhere. Then she brazenly shares what she has found calling it “public information.” She goes by many names, but never uses her real name on posts.
Look who signed my petition!
my petition
Dr. Latifah Wolfskin, CO… HA!
I wonder who would pay $50 for a background check on Dr. Wolfskin who is not a real person? The phrase “currently seeking legal action,” is a veiled threat which falls woefully short of its intended impact because a ficticious character cannot pursue legal action (the correct terminology).

Ms. Fossil Kunt, WA… Do you not see the contradictions and hypocracy in your statement?
“Most people with I Q’s above single digits would only want to disguise themselves if they were ashamed or had something to hide.”
EXACTLY! So who are you?
“You know. Like rapists and murderers and other psychopaths. Which one are you?”
I would ask you the same, but I already know you are a psychopath.
“Love your pets, well animal rights freaks will make sure you lose that.”
You can’t “lose that” unless you never loved them in the first place. How sad for your pets…
“They are evil vile people and defective.”
I don’t need to comment on this pathetic statement…