Nobody Told Me!

Nobody told me about all the things that happen to a person as their body begins to age! Watching my granddaughter do all the things I used to do with such ease, I had an epiphany; I will never be able to do that again!

No more jumping rope; I won’t miss it much, It’s just that I used to be able to
No more skipping down the road; where those muscles went, no one knew
No more jumping back up just as I sat down, because I forgot something
Whatever it was, it can wait, because I’m not getting back up for nothing!
There’s no more waiting until the last minute to pee, by then it will be too late
Just another test thrown at me by age, but diapers will not be my fate
No more running up and down the stairs; forget taking two steps at a time
The older I get the harder it seems to even find the right words that rhyme
“The body just needs to work the kinks out,” my mind keeps trying to tell me
The body knows some kinks will never work out; this is the best they’ll ever be
The treasures that over the years I have collected, in memory or in a thing
The young I, could not appreciate them or the memories that they bring
I will not be seven, or twenty-one and thirty something I can be no more
When those ages were I, I could not see the precious vision I now sit before
Bright smiling eyes full of love hope and trust and wise beyond her years
Arms reach out to hug me while sweet lips gently brush kisses on my tears.