What would you do?

Nowadays almost all web pages contain JavaScript, a scripting programming language that runs on visitor’s web browser. It makes web pages functional for specific purposes and if disabled for some reason, the content or the functionality of the web page can be limited or unavailable. Here you can find instructions on how to enable (activate) JavaScript in five most commonly used browsers.

Almost every day, when I open my email and then Facebook, I have messages from friends telling me she’s doing it again! Sure enough, when I check things out I see comments like this:
Be sure and react and act like a cunt before researching facts you hateful nasty bitch.
This kid has more sense than crusty pants.
Here you demented old filthy bitch who can’t wipe. This is faked too. Now you can stop typing in that fake ass crying and begging for attention.
Crusty panty granny and her menopause IQ never did take one minute to research or think before reacting like a mentally deranged asshole. Before you start making shit up, how about you pull your ugly fat head out of your disgusting shitty ass and grab a clue bitch.
Scrape that off your panties grandma.
It’s even on Wikipedia you half-witted whore.
Crusty pants is all about ATTENTION! ATTENTION! ATTENTION! She’s a vile attention whore.
Ms Crusty Pants wants to harm this Cat Sanctuary. What a skanky vile bitch.

Those are only a small example of the comments from today. We chatted last night, and I was hoping we had some kind of agreement. Nope! After seeing these, and getting the screenshots, I created this little collage:


She went ballistic! She called in her troops by tagging them (only one showed), and started accusing me of lying, of not keeping my word, etc. I am such a crybaby, blah, blah, blah, yawn. This was on her Facebook page:


You know, they say blogging is theraputic and I think they are right. I feel better already!