I think I’m done…

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For five days now, I haven’t visited any Facebook pages run by the parties who have been attacking me. I’m not sure that I ever will again. The stress levels are easing and I am no longer snapping at my husband.
Why did I let myself get caught up in this quagmire to begin with? Well, we all know why… indignation, frustration, pride, arrogance and my overwhelming need to salvage my reputation from the humiliation, defamation and slurs perpetuated by those I once trusted.
Why did I care? Because I could not understand why I was being accused wrongly and I wanted to correct the inaccuracies. I certainly didn’t want anyone else to believe the lies either. I had entrusted one of them with some very incriminating secrets, and a few that were not so incriminating, but private still. She accused me of divulging her secrets because somehow she thought she was important enough for anyone to care. I respected that, so I never shared, but she accused me still.
She, on the other hand, shared everything of mine. My secrets were not earth shattering, nor was I important, but they were my secrets and important to me. I know of a few others she has stabbed in the back also… I hope no one else has entrusted her their secrets.
The last five days has been healing. I do not even want to go look because I know I’ll get sucked right back in. I know myself… As I go to bed tonight I know I will sleep even better tonight than the last; which was better than the night before that… Peace really is a wonderful thing!