The Forgotten

They are the ones who died too young
Those lives that had yet to blossom
Their hearts gave away far too soon
Those lives that were soon forgotten

They are the ones who have died alone
Surrounded by people they did not know
Strangers would stop and bow their heads
To express their sorrow and their woe

There are countless ones who died in wars
For reasons that seem somewhat flawed
An almighty being does not need mortal men
To die in the defense of an immortal god

There are those who die with no family
They are ones who died so old and frail
Whose lives were filled with joy and wonder
But there was no one left to tell their tale

There are those who died so long ago
Whose lives were so righteous and just
But who is to know just who they are
For their bones are nothing but dust

The forgotten ones will soon rise again
To claim their rightful time and place
We each have made our imprint on time
And I welcome them in a fond embrace