Any Football fans out there?

I now dub Super Bowl 48 as “THE BRUNO MARS AND RED HOT CHILI PEPPER HALFTIME SHOW; Someone let me know when the Broncos show up!”
I am a 49er fan, so I really wasn’t into this Super Bowl, but as a 49er fan I surely did not want the Seahawks to win. I wanted Peyton Manning to win!
We know there are “Broncos,” but there is no such thing as a bird named a Seahawk. The closest might be the Osprey.
Osprey, which can be found all around the Puget Sound area, also are known as a fish eagle or fish hawk. They can be found nesting in any location near a body of water that offers an adequate food supply. Osprey are the only member of the hawk family that are exclusively fishers.
So what, you ask? Yep, that’s what I thought of this super bowl… So what!?!?