Vindication, not vengeance!

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I am far from perfect and never really wanted to be burdened with trying to keep “perfect” up! When I have done something wrong, I will own up to it long before I am accused. When I am accused of doing something wrong that I did not do, I will try to see why the accuser feels the way they do and if it’s a misunderstanding, I will clarify, verify or revise. However, if I am accused falsely and then mercilessly attacked because the opinions of the adversary are based on innuendo and ambiguity and not proven fact, or simply because we see and do things different, I have no choice but to seek vindication.
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I am not big on the whole revenge, retribution, or payback options. In this case I do understand some of their frustration, it is the heinous hate and declarations that they never trusted me to begin with, coupled with their disgusting campaign to humiliate me… that I do not understand. They are pulling up crap from a long time ago, and some saved maybe a few months ago, and then giving me a lecture on what a friend should do and should not do? Since I do not take screenshots of my friends; that is unforgiven territory in my world, I have very little to dispute them with!
Why should I need to? They were supposed to be friends, right? These friends demand full disclosure from you, yet there is none from their side. More to come…