That was fun!

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Yesterday, I actually commented on The Terrible Twosome page! Jeanie could not help herself, she had to comment on my post on Anti Hunters are Scumbags. I guess she went too far and got embarrassed, so she commented to me on her page, The Terrible Twosome…
Sounds like a stalking threat to me… Anytime I write on a public page she will comment? Who does she think she is?
AAwww She called me a bitch again… and she always lies…
If you look up redundant in the dictionary, it has your picture Jeanie!
Poor Jeanie… I have come to the conclusion that little Jeanie is a pathological liar… She can’t help herself… She has been calling me a liar for as long as I can remember, but. she will not quote the lie! What that means is that she is trying to make everyone believe she is the innocent one and I am the liar… Do I really have to post all her lies? I will if you need it, but, first you have to comment on this page!!! If you pretend you can’t comment, I know you are a liar, or you are computer illiterate and do not know how to comment!