The Terrible Twosome got me banned for 12 hours!

It is frustrating when complete idiots can get you banned because of the algorithms Facebook uses are just as stupid. Probably more mad at myself for forgetting they were infamous ban queens.
When I left earlier, Jeanie had gone to my page and was saying something about all the activity on her page compared to mine… Well I’m here on your page…
I guess I will have to continue this conversation here… Or not
I am relaxing in front of a beautiful warm fire, typing on my laptop while occasionally sipping on a glass of Merlot… Can it get any better than this? My three kitty cats are all around me; their presence providing me peace, love, and comforting thoughts as I wind down from the horrific pictures and page I created earlier.
Breath deep… while counting to ten. Let your breath out slowly… Relax… . . . “But did you see the kitten in the bottle? HE LOOKS JUST LIKE MY CORNELIUS! BASTARDS!”
Again… Breath deep… while counting to ten… “They put another cat in the microwave oven and one through a manual meat grinder that looked just like my TABITHA!! AND THE TERRIBLE TWOSOME APPROVES OF ALL OF THIS SO THEY CAN KEEP THEIR LIKES? HOW? WHY?

The voice in my head screams “GET A HOLD OF YOURSELF GIRL! This is why you are here… why you are doing this! No, you can’t stop them all, but you can expose them to as many people as will listen. Your audience is worldwide and it is time to trust your fellow human being to help you accomplish this.”
You ask the voice… no you TELL THE VOICE; “I pity any one of them that gets near any of my pets!”
The rage inside of me is that strong!