I never said I was going to sue anyone.

But, I think I have enough information now to have you committed Karla, Carla, Mary, Clark Images!
You really need to stay on top of the news… My blog is protected by the first amendment, so the courts just ruled, fool!
Now, if you would just quit with your drama queen crap, I need you to hold your temper and act like an adult! Get serious for a minute and explain these, please.
will go down - Copy
clark - Copy
Karla, let me very clear here. You have 48 hours to cease and desist all activities directed at me or my supporters, to clean up your act, and to correct all false and misleading information you or your supporters have posted illegally. That will be 12:30am Pacific time, February 1st, 2014. Failure to follow this directive will lead to possible arrest, definite seizure of assets and property, and possible criminal charges. I am no longer playing.