I need to vent!

Missy is a woman that I loved and respected. We shared different political views, but in my mind, she was a woman able to see beyond that. I understand now she was unfairly attacked and if I could pick one thing to do over, I would have paid more attention and gladly been her Knight in Shining Armor, as I was on Female Hunters… which has now closed down.

She sadly believes everything the Terrible Twosome has posted… stepping away for a moment… I need to control my emotions…

She now calls me an old woman because the Terrible Twosome has posted that I am 64 years old. Another lie she believes.

“She is an old woman… How pathetic is this crap she comes up with? She isn’t important enough to ANYONE to get threatening email. Come on now… lol! I’m so embarrassed for her… Bless her heart!”

Poor little Missy! I am so embarrassed for her… Bless her heart!

Okay, I’m lying about being embarrassed for her and Bless her heart… Not only has this “sweetheart” picked the liars side, she has posted their lies as if they were the truth!

What kind of sophomoric mind would send threatening letters to themselves? I have no need to make this crap up!

I did make the incident report online, and have received the confirmation that the report was approved. After that, I will leave it to the professionals and only post what they think will help the case… I am prohibited from posting more…

For all of you who think I sent the letters to myself, so be it… You are welcome to your own stupidity! If the police believe you guys are responsible, you will be hearing from them. I am trying to convince them that in my opinion, neither Missy nor the terrible twosome are responsible for the hate mail… It is up to them…