Cat will get your tongue!

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So, you start and promote a whole page dedicated to hating me, and now you have expanded it to include several of my friends. You have gone ahead and photo shopped a few posts and are using those lies against my friends. Because your falsehoods were written, the civil tort is called libel. You have just stepped over the line from “Aw, I was just trying to be cute…” to “Let’s photo shop this and see what happens…” What happens next is not up to me but, up to my friends that you have libeled.

I can feel your confusion, Jeanie. You’re thinking “WTF just happened?” Let’s not leave Dawn out…she’s thinking “Who the fuck cares?”
I have watched the page since its conception; after all, it was set up to fuck with me… As I have watched, I have noticed a few things. No, lots of things… Your big argument with me is that I did not disclose that my “daughter, Serafina” was just little old me… For some reason you hold Facebook friendships to a higher standard than you do your real friends. Yes, there is a difference! Then you keep talking about me lying about everything… Not true is it? Yes, I pretended Serafina was my daughter, but she always backed us all up! What else did I lie about? NOTHING! Personally, I do not think that this omission was a lie to begin with!