I resigned from my job Thursday, December 12, 2013, or maybe I retired. Either way, I no longer have to go to that place that was making me sick; killing me slowing; draining my energy, self-worth and dignity. I no longer had the motivation to try to push-off the weight of depression. It would have been so easy to just crawl into bed and never come out, but that would have been the worst mistake I could have made. That would have meant giving up everything I had worked for… without a fight.

You may be thinking “You did give-up. You did not fight, you resigned…” but, you would be wrong. What I did was cut my losses, pick up my slightly frayed dignity, I memorized the lessons and stood back to absorb all the new knowledge I have gained. It was time to change the things I had the power or need to change, and accept the things I had no power over.

It is time for rest and restoration and a time to appreciate all I have. I will know when it’s time to go out in the world again and when that time comes I’ll be ready.