Life is good!

I must admit, I am a little confused about a moral issue dealing with ethics, trust and betrayal. When you share a secret with someone, a secret so sensitive that if your trust is broken and your secret is shared it has the potential to cause permanent harm to your reputation, you are doing so because you completely trust the person you shared it with. Is the humiliation you feel when you are betrayed caused by the secret itself, or the fact that you were stupid enough to trust that person in the first place?
When it comes to morals and ethics, when is it morally acceptable to betray a trust? What would motivate an ethical person to do that?
It has been a while since I liberated myself from those whose life is spent wallowing in their self-pity and trying to convince the world they are someone. I finally woke up and realized that if I feel like I have to walk on eggshells around these Prima Donna’s, they were not true friends. It was far too stressful and I was not being myself, and when you witness how quickly they turned on me, one can only wonder why I even trusted either in the first place. I have known all along they had no integrity, and that has been confirmed with their Facebook page. I bared my heart and soul as a show of complete trust only to have it shoved up my ass. Ouch! Yes, I will not lie. It hurt to learn that the “friend” I had been warned about but chose to trust, proved to be callous, hateful and completely unworthy of anyone’s trust, as I was warned. Yes, this is the same person who professes to love you also… You have been warned.
Well, today I thought it was time to check out the hate page they created just to attack me (Aren’t they special!). They now have a whole 40 “likes!” We know that many of those likes (maybe a third) are the many different personas of the two individuals who started the page. Not a lot has changed with the page. Their low class banter continues to tell the world what kind of people they are. The saddest part is that they think they are being clever and charming when the truth is just the opposite…