When is a friend really a friend?

There comes a time when I must evaluate my priorities in life.
What do I see when I look in the mirror? Are the eyes bright, or clouded with regrets?
When I confide in someone I think is my friend, and she betrays me, then tries to make me feel guilty because I had not confided in her earlier, so she betrayed me, is that acceptable? Would not a real friend try to work that out between the two of us before betraying my trust? Yes.
When is it alright for a friend to dictate who can be my friend?
When they find that I have befriended a former enemy because I have accepted their sincere apology, and then they attacked and berated me for it, do I have to accept it?
I realized they were lying to me all along.
I had suspected, because of the nature of these individuals that they were never really friends, but I tried anyway.
Now they try to accuse me of playing both sides. Did these “friends” never read anything I have ever written? Of course they did not! I have made it very clear from the start that I do not take any side. I don’t believe there should be “sides” because we are supposed to be adults and “sides” is so High School.
My mission all along has been to stop the hate and hostility, first by exposing it and the worst perpetrators of it, and then finding a way for some honest dialog. I have left my “friends” alone, although they are some of the worst haters, out of respect. They deserve respect no more!