I could have had a V8, Part III

In part one, I had a vision of sorts… It had Hitler and wolves in it… In Part II I examined the Hitler aspect, and now in part three I will try to understand the wolf portion of the vision.

The second part of my vision was of the wolves. It was night, and before me was a beautiful moonlit valley. Several wolves ran across the valley on my screen and disappeared on the other side, leaving only their footprints. What did this have to do with Hitler, I wondered?

It took a little longer than I expected to write this. I had the answer a while ago, but I was not ready to put the vision into words… the words were not forthcoming, but they are here now, desperately trying to get past my fingers and onto the page, while I try to slow them down and keep them from spilling over so that I can make sense of them first.

Some of the images, comments, and posts on the hunting pages are filled with a rage that I find hard to comprehend. I have purposely dropped all preconceived notions about these hunters. Yes, that is easier said than done, but it can be done. I have gotten to know many of them, and am proud to call many a friend. I have learned that these are people just like you and me; they love their families, their pets, their livestock, land and country. We do not agree on everything, but we can still forge a friendship based on mutual trust and respect.

I risk angering many with my next few statements, but I think those that trust me, know I am not attacking anyone, just trying to understand.

Why do hunters, many of those living in the areas affected by the introduction of Canadian wolves, and my friends, hate this animal so vehemently? Why did so many advocate gut shots and torture of these wolves? How does a warm loving human being become such a cold-hearted killer and then brag about it? There is only one way… and again, Hitler demonstrates the answer so clearly…

How were the German people able to turn a blind eye to the massacre of Jews? Because of mass rallies and propaganda aimed at dehumanizing the Jews. The citizens were desensitized into accepting that they were sub-human, much like the anti’s are trying to do to hunters.

Wolves have been demonized much the same way. Reading many of the posts and articles from the anti-wolf side, they read like pep rallies to hate the wolves. This demonizing is necessary for most in order to hate these wolves at the levels necessary to advocate torture, gut shot, etc. This is not a bad thing! It gives me hope for both sides! If you need to build up this level of hate in order to attack or kill indiscriminately, then this is not your true nature, it is your shield, and we all have shields.