So exactly whose side are you on?

My choices were “wolf lover” or “Hunter?”
I believe stereotyping to be the ugliest form of discrimination. I understand that the world is a lot easier to deal with if we can put every person into a cubbyhole that we have defined as their “place” based on our own opinions of life, but, that does not always conform to the real world. The real world is not black and white. It contains several shades of gray in between, and most people fall into the many gray categories.
The wolf hunting controversy can not be defined as “wolf lover” vs. “hunter!” There are many hunters out there that are wolf lovers, as well as hunters who hate wolves. I believe the best way to describe this controversy is “hunters vs. anti-hunters.” Not all anti-hunters are wolf lovers, nor are they ARA’s (Animal Rights Activists). Most ARA’s are not the extreme radical type that burn down buildings and threaten the lives of other people, but they are people who love animals and want to put an end to animal testing (which is nothing more than big money with no useful data gathered), animal cruelty (animal abusers and slaughter houses), and high kill shelters (Adopt! Don’t buy from puppy mills). This is all your true ARA has time to deal with. They do not have time to post hateful comments threatening evil against hunters and their families on Facebook. That is what your anti-hunters do.
Anti-hunters are those who know very little about hunting, conservation, or wildlife management. All they know is that they hate hunters and because they hate hunters, they feel they have the right to post hate filled comments opposing all hunters because they are right and hunters are wrong. One said, “Ignorance is assuming that your murderous way of life should go unchallenged.” This, of course, assumes that their opinion is the only truth, like that is even possible! People like this believe that it is not only their right, but their responsibility to attack those who don’t agree with them, and because they have no legitimate facts, they resort to personal attacks. I would pity them if those personal attacks were not directed at me. They attack my age, my looks, and make up stories about my beliefs; all in an effort to hide the fact that they really know nothing about the subject at hand.
Anti-hunters are not the only ones who judge people without knowing anything about them. Recently, I was attacked by a hunter who administers a hunting page because I posted new pages from this site and in his opinion I am a wolf lover. I just can’t defend some people, and they deserve all the hate they get if they pass judgement before they even read an article. Stupid is as stupid does!! Yea, there are a few in every crowd!

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