I Could Have Had a V-8!

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Ever since I stumbled upon these wolf pages, I had a hard time figuring out how it was possible for so many people to hate an animal so completely and with such passion. I came to the conclusion that because of all the hate coming back at them from those who did not understand (the city folk) these hunters reacted in a somewhat “In your face” way. Somehow, that seemed wrong, but it was all I had.
I asked a hunter friend a question, and the answer I got back baffled me at first. Again, the disdain and hate was prevalent and I just couldn’t understand why. I got lost in thought and stared at the laptop screen… soon it became blank, then I saw what appeared to be an old news clip. People walking too fast, smiling at the camera. A crowd filled a huge square, and on a rise was a podium… behind the podium was a man and he was shouting… I couldn’t understand a word he was saying, but I could hear the crowd cheer. He was waiving and pointing his finger in an effort to make his point, and the crowd cheered more… What was Adolf Hitler doing on my laptop screen? He kept on shouting and the louder he got, the louder the crowd cheered… I closed my eyes and shook my head, and the shouting and cheers stopped… Gratefully, I opened my eyes again and before me was quiet beautiful and tranquil snow-covered valley. It was night-time, but the valley was lit by a large full moon… Suddenly, several wolves ran across the snow… then they were gone with only their footprints left to prove they were there… Then the screen went blank again.
I knew what this was. I know how this works. I have lived with this for 53 years… Scenes pop into my head and it is up to me to discover what they mean, if I choose to… There are some I have had to ignore, for sanity’s sake, but they never go away. Something will remind me and the scene plays over again. This only takes seconds so most people do not notice that I am gone, I have learned to recover quickly, but every once in a while my life’s partner (the hubby) will look at me and ask me what is wrong. I tell him nothing, with a knowing look, and he stops asking… he knows…
So, what’s up with seeing Hitler when writing about wolves? Was it because I was accused of being a “brainwashed Nazi Manson cultist” (I know, I don’t get it either) when I first stumbled upon this wolf controversy? That seemed implausible… Then it hit me! The principle of “Demonizing the enemy!” What does that mean?
To be continued…

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