What is a true liberal?

To me, this is what a true liberal is: A true liberal does not need to be part of a political party! A true liberal will ask; “Do you know what the difference between a republican and a democrat is?” Then answer: “Republicans will pit man against man, and the democrats will do just the opposite.” A true liberal will try not judge either side, because a true liberal understands and respects the intrinsic differences of all people. A true liberal has certain core beliefs, but they understand that these beliefs are their own and would never dream of imposing those beliefs on another. Being a true liberal is something that is deeply internal and requires respecting and trying to understand what others believe, and above all else, respecting their right to believe so. A true liberal is not driven by politics or religion, but by faith and by hope. A true liberal realizes that it is important to keep an open mind and open heart, knowing this is what leads to positive communication and growth. A true liberal loves our planet and all of its inhabitants, without exception, yet realize that this planet is just part of a universal design. I, as a liberal, believe that it is not our conformity, but, our differences that make us strong, and our acceptance of those differences that make us stronger yet!!