Growing a thick skin is a must

I have always been one of those over-sensitive ones whose feelings are easily hurt. After stumbling into the war between the hunters and animal rights activists, I’ve had to grow a thicker skin.

As you know, I started off all against wolf hunting, or hunting in general for that matter. I know I will never hunt, but, I realized that was a personal choice and not everyone felt that way and I had no right to try to shove my view down anyone’s throat. There are those however, who feel that their opinion is the only right truth, and everyone else who doesn’t feel the same are wrong, belittled, and attacked.

Some hunters attacked me at first, but others took the time to try to explain the reasons they believe that wolf hunting is powerful management tool for an invasive species of wolf that was dumped in their lap against their objections. I must be honest; I did not take their word for it. I did my own research finding independent unbiased data that seemed to verify their claims. Much of that data comes from pro-wolf and actual government scientific sources. While there are still hunters that I do not like and who in turn do not like me, most of them have been respectful. They know I am against “trophy” hunting and am determined to ban animal testing as well as fighting for NO kill shelters. They know I am a liberal member of the Green Party, and as such, believe in everything they hate, but, they also know that I would never impose my beliefs on them, and will always be respectful of their beliefs.

Facebook is a wonderful social media, and a wonderful way of sharing information, family events, media events, current news, or pretty much anything you want. Anyone can create a Facebook page and begin building their audience and site to reflect their beliefs. It is up to each individual to do their fact checking, before believing everything they read on Facebook. Problems arise when you get enough people together to believe in one certain way, and then use Facebook as a bully pulpit to try to get their point across. Many of these devotees do not understand such things as politeness, diplomacy, or decorum and because they can sit safely behind their keyboard and put forward hate without any tact.

After publishing the “Hunters are Scumbags” page under “I am going to make you famous,” they banned me. I wasn’t surprised at all, in fact, I was happy to note that I had hit a nerve, but being banned doesn’t stop you from seeing the page or snipping content. You just can’t “like” or comment. They had a field day after that attacking me, my looks, my family and calling me every vile name in the book knowing full well I could not respond. They never did attack or try to discredit any of the facts I presented about wolves, finally admitting that “We don’t know anything about wolves, we just hate hunters!”

I saw that a friend had posted something on that page so I went to look. To my surprise, they had unblocked me. I can only guess that maybe they were getting bored and then I saw that they were setting up bait… waiting to see if I would bite. I did a little…