The haunted wind chime


I have a bamboo wind chime in the back yard. It has simple designs carved into each “chime,” and the usual wind catcher at the bottom. This bamboo chime does its thing with the wind, like all the rest of the chimes, but you should see what it does when there is no wind, or very little wind. We were sitting out back the other day. There was a slight breeze, but not enough to get the chimes going. I have 13 chimes, some bamboo, some not. My husband suddenly says, “that chime is a dowser. I bet there is a natural gas line going through there.” The statement startled me, and I wondered where that came from? I looked over at the chime making all the noise, realizing there was no wind and no reason for the wind catcher to be moving; it was not spinning, or twirling, but it was moving, and fast!

Have you ever held or seen a dowser? It has a mind of its own, and the movements are somewhat jerky. The trick is to hold the dowser, yet not grip the dowser. It has to be free to move, yet it needs you for it to work, so you must “hold” it at all times. You will be able to feel the dowser pull you in the direction it wants you to go, and if you observe the movement, you will notice the unnatural jerking and spin. This chime was doing the same thing, but no one was holding it! It would pull to the right, and then suddenly stop, as if something was stopping it and then freely swing again, just to stop with a jerk. It repeated this several times as we stared at it, not wanting to move and disturb it. Neither of us had ever seen anything like this before. Finally, the movement slowed and it came to a stop.

What was that? Could it have been an energy vortex? Maybe it is a natural gas line as my husband suspects. We live between two rivers, so we know there is water, but this was something different. Did you know you can dowse for gold, or is it really gold? Maybe, just maybe, it is trying to tell us that the happiness, fulfillment, life’s dreams and love that everyone searches for is right here… you have found it, you just have to accept and believe…