My feet in two camps…

Now there’s an interesting thought. I’ve been accused of being a wolfaloo, wanker, Nazi, and everything else you can think of by one side, and a wolf hater, killer, even wanker again, on the other side. I think being accused of having my feet in two camps might be a compliment! I know what you’re thinking… she has lost it! They finally got to her…

You know what I think? I think there is hope behind that statement. Why? Because the world is not black and white, and there really should be no “sides.” Wolf hunting has become a divisive issue, yet in truth, how many Americans really know and understand what this is all about? I can only speak to my own experiences, and the insights I have gleaned from the research that I have done myself. The lack of understanding from both sides astounds me; or maybe it doesn’t… I clearly remember the reason I got involved with this issue… I understand how hard it is to separate fact from emotion.

I was new to Facebook, and one of my interests has always been wolves. I thought I knew everything about wolves and when I saw wolf hunting pages glorifying their deaths as well as desiring that the animal suffer as it dies, I was appalled! How could anyone glorify the killing and suffering of such a majestic and beautiful animal? How can anyone hate something so much that they want to torture it as it dies? Sadly, I realized this was not a new concept for humans. Torture seems to be a common human trait.

Torture is defined as:
1.a. Infliction of severe physical pain as a means of punishment or coercion.
b. An instrument or a method for inflicting such pain.
2. Excruciating physical or mental pain; agony
3. Something causing severe pain or anguish.

I went to several of these wolf hunting pages to help save the wolves! I knew I could do it because once I explained to these hunters the error of their ways, they would listen to me, right? After all, I have the “truth” to back me up! So off I went; emotionally charged and backed by all the knowledge I had about this wolf hunting controversy!

There is one thing that I truly hate. Can you guess what it is? Probably not, but I will tell you anyway… I hate being wrong! I hate being accused of being an uneducated idiot who is commenting, not based on facts, but based on emotional bias… What? Wait! I love wolves! I have read every Jack London book available, I always watch the Discovery Channel, and I have seen more Disney than most… I have books, articles, even documentaries that are all about wolves! Of course I know of which I speak!!! Why would they question me? Because I had nothing.

It is 2013 and all the information we have about wolves in the wild could fill maybe half of a page. Why? Because scientists have had rare glimpses into wolves in the wild, and all our studies have been on captive wolves. Scientist gathered together available captured wolves, put them in an enclosure, and sat back and took notes. The only real fact that came out of these “extensive studies,” is that wolves are so tolerant, they did not immediately kill each other!

All theories about wolves and the Alpha pair, fighting for dominance to become the Alpha, and every subsequent fact documented has not been about wild wolves at all, but about captured wolves forced to live together in an artificial environment. We treat this information as fact about all wolves, and continue on as if we really understood and knew anything!

New information has come to light that wolves in the wild do not live in an “Alpha” dominated society, but that they live in more of a “clan” society. Each pack consists of the parents (mom and dad as the only breeding pair), and their offspring. The offspring are free to leave whenever they want and they almost never mate with other family members. “Alpha” members will actually leave the pack if they find themselves alone to avoid mating with their offspring. There has actually been a ritual recorded with hours of song (howling) and dance where a lone wolf has been accepted into the pack as a breeding male (see the story of the Druid pack).

Well, it looks like I got off track… surprise surprise! There is so much information to share, and I have a hard time not wanting to spell it all out right away… then I realize that is not how I learned it all. I learned it piece by piece, and trying to throw it all out there all at once will overwhelm and shut some people down. Patience…

Guilty as accused! I do have my feet in both camps!!! Why? Because both camps have legitimate reasons for feeling like they do, and I can see that there is room on both sides for a compromise. Maybe not on this Facebook forum, where both sides seem to like being in “attack” mode, but if cooler smarter heads prevail, there is hope we can come together and solve this wolf issue. That would be better for all involved, including the innocent wolf who is just trying to survive… like he’s supposed to…