I support my articles with my sources

I got another message from our resident “wolf expert stump.” It said that if I posted any more misinformation about wolves and dogs, “expect me to call you on it. People like you are just as or more disturbed than the hunters who actually torture and kill animals. You justify your relationships with sadists by deluding yourself that by doing that you are somehow an animal lover. You are someone who needs some help. You are disturbed.”

I have posted all the information to prove my statements, but will this person read them? I do not think so, because another part of that message was this: “You have NO say in what any wild animal is. I DO. I have experience with them. I have many friends and advocates who work hands on with wolves and hybrid wolves, and do not just slaughter and torture them as those hunters you support do – and is from where you get all of your information. You know my stance, you are not changing that, and like it or not…. all dogs have descended from the grey wolf is not a myth. Do you understand science? or are you just an idiot that believes in conspiracy theories?” Do I understand science? Conspiracy theories? There is so much I could say here, but I won’t…

These are the credentials this person cites to prove this person is a wolf expert: “I have a hybrid dog, I have friends who have hybrid wolf dogs. I have friends who raise and study wolves, and like you, I have lost dogs I love.” The extensive experience was also voiced in the statement I posted in the paragraph above: “I have experience with them. I have many friends and advocates who work hands on with wolves and hybrid wolves…” I have been trying to find more credentials, there has to be more, right? It seems there isn’t any more.

Just to keep things on the up and up, I have posted all the sources I used for my wolf articles. I know there are only two right now, but I have many more in the wings… Anyone is welcome to call me on my data if they find a discrepancy, and I would hope that person has the decency and the sense to substantiate their comments with credible sources also. I’m sorry, but “I love dogs and wolves, and I have hybrids, and I have friends that work with wolves; I don’t believe you!” is just not good enough!!!