Frustration overload!

There are so many people of Facebook who consider themselves Animal activists because they love Rover or Spot. These people are keyboard warriors and they seem to feel empowered when they can sit behind a keyboard with an internet connection and take their activism to whole new levels. They really think they are doing something worthwhile! They think they alone have it figured out, and they want to make sure we know it, or, they will shove it down our throats!
There are genuine animal lovers who turn activist, and then there are bad activists. Some people would just prefer to argue and debate without understanding the ground rules… There is one woman who wrote that she has never read any of the material or links provided by her opposition, and then goes on to call them names. When you have to stoop to name calling, you have lost the debate… end of story. When you no longer have anything constructive, meaningful, or relevant to add, then it’s time to bow out, before you make a fool of yourself!