Don’t be ignored!

We have information at our fingertips, yet so many choose to remain so ignorant. They get an idea in their head, and before researching further, they start voicing their opinion expecting everyone else to believe the same. I want to think they are young, idealistic and restless, but not all of them are, and while “normal” people do come and go, it is the “fringe” that sticks around (Hey, I must be part of the fringe)!

Many forget that we live in a democracy, and a democracy requires tolerance. It’s like they expect it from others, but are not required to be tolerant themselves. Democracy doesn’t work that way! We both find a way to compromise and come up with a solution, or we vote on it. I realize democracy can be a lot of work, but it is better than the alternative!

Here’s the thing; we can’t expect to solve any problems or get anything done if all we do is insult each other. Now if that is your joy in life and you just can’t help yourself, please let the rest of us know so we can ignore you. If you cannot accept that you might not get everything your way, and that you might have to accept things you abhor, please let the rest of us know so we can ignore you. If you feel you’re being ignored and not taken seriously, please let the rest of us know, so we can ignore you.

It really is as simple as that! You are either part of the solution or you are part of the problem. No, you are the problem!!