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I hope everyone understands what I was trying to show with the evil hunters page? It really bothered me that the only comments I had were from so-called Animal Rights Activists posting on hunting pages. I thought it would only be fair to create the same kind of page for the activists. I asked a friend for advice, and got the strangest response. I pondered and fretted a little more, and then I decided that I had to do this. I went on a hunt. I looked and read, scrolled down and read some more. I checked every page I could think of. Suddenly my friends response popped in my head and I couldn’t stop laughing.

“Do you want me to go on a bunch of them and start leaving comments?”

Now I see where he was going! There are no comments from hunters on activist pages because most hunters do not seek their pages out to leave comments on. The few hunters that do leave comments are quickly deleted and blocked by the page administrators.

My attempt to be fair did teach me something… Maybe the hunters are not evil after all..