Why are you here?

“So out of curiosity what is your purpose there? I have been told several things about you?” This was in my personal messages “other” box yesterday. I was commenting on a wolf hunting page on a post this person had made. I have an awkward relationship with many on the Pro wolf side, as I do with many on the Pro hunting side. Sometimes it’s hard to know who to trust. No… why beat around the bush… there is only one person that I trust completely, and a few that are a close second.
If a controversy is brewing, I am the kind of person to throw myself right in the middle of it in an effort to mediate it and find compromise. Why? I don’t know!!! It’s just what I do… always have… So there I am getting shot from both sides… Does it hurt? Sure it does, but, it would hurt a whole lot more if I did not at least try!
I do not think I am better than anyone else, but I do believe that because I do not have as much emotional attachment to either side, I do have the ability to step outside the box and look back in to see a broader picture. I see there is really room for compromise if we could just all agree to compromise. This means each side has to give. That is the hardest part!!! WE ALL HAVE TO GIVE! Yet, no one is willing…